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Bling Bling Club Barcelona is one of the best nightlife clubs for students in Barcelona!
Bling Bling is an upscale club. The interior of the location is really charming, a vintage chic style with a combination of colours like gold, blue, pink and sparkles. This style makes you feel like you are in a hotel. The Bling Bling Club is luxurious and its atmosphere is exclusive.
In the club there are two dancing areas, both playing different music. Also It has sexy dancers performing and a live saxophone playing. The Dj’s booth is raised above the biggest dance floor in Barcelona! You should go to Bling Bling Club parties! It’s definitely one of the best nightlife club in Barcelona Spain.

The Shaz Guest List can get you FREE ENTRANCE into Bling Bilng Club Barcelona!
FREE ENTRANCE till 2:30 am

Open: 23:55 – 5:00
Friday and Saturday (25+), Thursday (18+)

Tuset 10
Metro Stop: L3, L5 – Diagonal (10 mins walking from Diagonal metro station)
Night Bus: N5

The DRESS CODE is elegant!
BOYS – Take caution and use our tips to get into the club with no problems!
For the easiest entry, wear a nice shirt with slacks and good closed toe shoes.
GIRLS – Dress and heels are the best option for the ladies. But as long as you avoid any type of sporty outfit, you should have no problem to get entry!

The Vip section with its unique look: brassy tables and synced blue and gold couches.
The area is sectioned off with a gold fence to continue the vintage theme. The walls are glass and have bright florescent neon lights that shine through. Also there is a lounge bar available to you.
You’ll even have a private area to dance, if you want it. I don’t know what you are waiting for, go and book a table and experience a night full of glamour and fun!

It is important to know that depending on how much you want to pay, the location of the table will change. The ones on the front row facing the dance floor will cost more than the ones in the back.
Five guests per bottle; more guests means you must order more bottles! The VIP tables bookings at Bling Bling Club Barcelona start from € 250 (with a 75 cl bottle of absolute vodka, for example).
It all depends on the quality and quantity of the bottles your table orders.

The VIP bottle service includes refreshments of your choice to mix them with your alcohol.
This could include Coca-Cola, juice or energy drink. The normal bottles could be absolute vodka or Jack Daniels while the premium bottles, for example, could be Grey Goose or Belvedere.
These bottles will cost more. From your VIP table you can enjoy the music from your chair or go out and join the crowd. These awesome reserved areas will make you feel like you are a celebrity!

If you want to know more about Bling Bling Club Barcelona
Facebook –
Phone: +34 663362087

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