W Hotel Barcelona Nightlife – Best parties at the Eclipse Club

Best parties at the W Hotel in Barcelona at Eclipse Club. The Eclipse Club is located on the 26th floor of the famous W Hotel Barcelona. So you will see the gorgeous view of the city when the elevator takes you up. The modern vibe of the club will definitely make for an interesting night!
The Club has many couches to rest and two bars for all your drinking needs. There is also a dance floor that places the best house music and you won’t stop dancing all night long!

If you are on Shaz Guest List, you can get FREE ENTRANCE to Eclipse Club Barcelona!
FREE ENTRANCE until 1:00 on weekends and 1:30 on week days.

Open: 22:30 – 4:00
Everyday (21+)

Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents 1
Metro Stop: L4 – La Barceloneta
Night Bus: N8

This is one of the most popular hotels in Barcelona, why wouldn’t you dress your nicest clothes?
BOYS – If you have a collared shirt with nice close-toed shoes you shouldn’t have any problems.
GIRLS – Dresses and heels for a successful night at Eclipse Barcelona!

The VIP section is located around the clubs perimeter. From the long comfortable black couches you can enjoy of a very awesome view of the sea and the city. The bottle service is great and quick for the delivering of your sparkling drink of choice. The area has room to stand and dance with your company or sit and enjoy some drinks. There is the option to go past the velvet rope to join the crowd on the dance floor. Of course enjoy the amazing view.

It is important to know that depending on how much you want to pay, the location of the table will change. The ones on the front row facing the dance floor will cost more than the ones in the back.

*Five guests per bottle, more guests means you must order more bottles

The VIP tables bookings at the Eclipse Club Barcelona start from € 200 and you could get a 75cl bottle of champagne for example. With a € 250 bottle you could get absolute vodka of 75 cl and for €600 you could get a Magnums 1.5L. The price grows depending on the quantity and quality.

With the purchase of your bottle service you can get pitchers of juices, for example cranberry and orange juice. You may also receive sodas of your choice or energy drinks.

If you want to know more about Eclipse Club Barcelona
Web: http://bcnparti.es/2m7NEKx
Facebook – http://www.Shaz.me
Phone: +34 663362087

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