There are all sorts of legendary characters wandering around Ibiza. We created a video series in order to reveal the face of local Ibiza to the world. Our goal was to bring the stories of islanders to the surface and shine a light on places that clubbers may have missed.

¡Hala Madrid! ¡Hala Can Tixedo!

Here at Hï Ibiza, we love passionate people and the guys at Can Tixedo Sports Bar are full of it. Just watch a football match here for proof. Witnessing the atmosphere build up, then suddenly explode when Ronaldo scores a goal is like having a dancefloor epiphany. The communal euphoria is completely contagious and it is the staff’s sense of humour that envelopes you into the Real Madrid world, even if you don’t support them! There’s no better place for football fans to dive in and see where they end up!