This video goes out to Ibiza’s local superstars. The ones who’ve been around since the beginning and stay around till’ the very last drink. Raise your hands, glasses, and voices and say ‘Hï Locals’.

Ok, we get it. You’ve had a huge day/night at Ushuaïa/Hï Ibiza and you’ve woken up famished. Great news for hedonists, Ibiza has the Croissant Show… now here’s your host: Andres.

What we love most (besides his Dali moustache) is that there’s no hard rule on what constitutes breakfast time here (first coffees served at 5 am). This Fabulous French bakery is open 23 hours a day in summer. Feed the beast coffee, some buttery croissants, or a delicious quiche. If you haven’t experienced the glory of a coffee and a croissant in front of a live Croissant Show audience, then you haven’t really lived.