This video goes out to Ibiza’s local superstars. The ones who’ve been around since the beginning and stay around till’ the very last drink. Raise your hands, glasses, and voices and say ‘Hï Locals’.

Felipe Pantone and Okuda specialise in traditional watercolors. Just kidding, they’re street artists and they’re incredible. These guys were responsible for the awesome wall-burner on Ushuaïa Ibiza beach hotel and we’re huge fans here at Hï Ibiza.

Felipe Pantone travels relentlessly with his art and his work spans from graffiti to kinetic art. Some say Pantone’s art is like looking into the future and discovering a new language to communicate, woah. Okuda has been sprayin’ pop surrealism since 1997. He uses colourful geometric shapes merged with organic forms, symbols, and headless animals(!!) to create a unique iconic language. Double woah. Give your eyes a treat and google these artists now!